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Pressed Floral Inspired Virtual Watercolor Workshop RECORDING

Pressed Floral Inspired Virtual Watercolor Workshop RECORDING

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Come learn these lovely pressed floral inspired watercolor flowers!

This class was originally held live and the recording is now available for immediate access! 

We'll paint a floral arrangement together step by step, and you will learn lots of valuable skills for painting florals. Great for beginners or intermediates who want to learn some new techniques. 

In this workshop you'll learn:

-About water ratios with watercolor and how to control your paint/water.
-How to mix colors to create a spectrum of tones and hues. 
-How to look at real flowers and turn them into artwork. 
-How to paint leaves, petals, and build a variety of floral elements.
-How to arrange a floral composition with a variety of colors, textures, and shapes.
-Brushwork techniques for capturing the look of various floral elements. 

Upon purchase you will receive a PDF with a link to access the course, as well as a supply list!

The supplies I will be using for this workshop: 

-Winsor and Newton Cotman paints in colors: Cadmium yellow, lemon yellow, cadmium red, purple lake, viridian green, ultramarine blue, Prussian blue, indigo, burnt umber, burnt Sienna, and Winsor Newton Professional in Quinacradone magenta. (see helpful tip below)
-Watercolor brushes, round in sizes 10 or 12 , size 6, and size 4
-Canson XL Watercolor Paper, 140 lb (any watercolor paper will do, this is a good beginner one). We’ll use two pages, one for practice and one for the painting.
-White artist tape for securing paper and a board or flat surface to secure the paper (this is not essential for this painting, but helpful)
-Jar of water
-Paper towel 

HELPFUL TIP: I offer a watercolor starter kit with all of these supplies and a full 16 color paint palette, that can be purchased HERE

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